22nd Birthday

Celebrating another year with koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, quokkas, and more!


Koalas are my absolute obsession and spending my birthday at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary was amazing! This is Captain the Koala, my new lovebug. Oh, how badly I wish I could take her home with me… Koalas are so loving and precious. They are real life teddy bears. Shaun and I got to wander around an enclosure with 16 adorable female koalas. I love them so much, I could die.

We also got to hang with the roo’s! The kangas are slightly intimidating at first, especially the red roo’s with the shoulder muscles but they are actually super mellow and quite gentle creatures.


We could pet them, sit with them, lay down with them, cuddle them. Next to the lifetime high of holding Captain, hanging with the roo’s came in a close second.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than spending time with animals. 22 is off to an extraordinary start! Definitely the best birthday I could imagine, bar none.

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