The Lucky Rookie

We rented a campervan! Driving on the wrong side of the road is as confusing as it sounds.

van selfie

Shaun’s been doing 99.9% of the driving, but he insisted I do it once- just so I can say I did. We repeatedly remind each other verbally- “Stay on the left! Keep left!” You overcompensate and veer to the left far too much. You look the wrong way every time you check the road to turn. You think your lights are your blinkers. And if you’re really flustered, you think your gear shift is your blinker.

Although it has everything you may need – double bed, electric stove top, all kitchen utensils and cutlery, bedding, and a sink – we are not actually camping in it. We already had an Airbnb booked, which is adorable, so the van is just our source of mobility rather than shelter. However, when I’m back in the states for 10 days, Shaun will be sleeping/traveling/camping in the van solo…

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