Film Roll no. 1

Shaun has a fancy for film photography. The photos below are from our first roll developed abroad featuring Bondi Beach and Coolangatta…


(Above): Along the Bondi-Bronte Coastal Walk, looking over Tamarama.

(Below): Bondi Beach on a sunny but quiet day, with the Icebergs Club in the background.



(Above): A personal Bondi street art favorite – BatPug!

(Below): Another shot from the Bondi-Bronte Coastal Walk, looking towards Bronte.



(Above): The high rises of Coolangatta, as seen from Kirra Hill.

(Below): The beach crowd at the Quiksilver Roxy Pro, with the competitors area in the background.


Shaun says he appreciates film photography because it’s less forgiving than digital – it’s a one-shot deal. No preview screen to double check. Your roll is limited, so you don’t want to take doubles… But he says this is why it’s more enjoyable! You never know how the photo will end up until you develop. There’s always little tweaks and light leaks to surprise you and give each photo a special touch.

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