Secret Bali: A Secluded Paradise

The Best Secret Beach in Bali

Hands down, my favorite beach in Bali. Thomas Beach is private, quiet and beautiful with lengthy white sands and crystal clear turquoise water. Every one of the surrounding area’s beaches (Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin) are filled with hoards of tourists and even more locals (trying to sell sarongs!) resulting in a less than peaceful beach experience… speakers no doubt blasting Bob Marley, an excess of Bintangs and no elbow room. Thomas Beach feels worlds away; we were among five other tourists on a beach half a mile long. The only beach vendor was selling ice cold coconuts – exactly the one thing I would actually like to purchase at the beach.




So where is this secret beach?

Turn off Jalan Labuansait onto the gravel road marked with a hand painted wooden sign “Thomas Homestay” hence the name Thomas Beach. It’s located between Padang (the beach you view from the bridge) and Uluwatu.

Bonus (!)

No parking attendant. Neighboring beach parking lots will charge 3000-5000 Rupiah per scooter, but Thomas is pleasantly fee-free. There’s a handful of homestays along the cliff and two or three warungs on the sand, so you have what you need to stay all day long but overwhelmed.





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