Stonehenge, 3000 B.C.


First Impressions of England

So, we just touched down in Euro-town! Post- 11 hour flight, we landed at London Heathrow and went directly to pick up our rental car to zip down to Cornwall for the Boardmaster’s Surf Contest. Little did we know, the famous pre-historic monument Stonehenge is directly on our route. Literally, directly on our route: you can see Stonehenge just about 150 yards off the freeway. But we thought the Neolithic structure deserved more than just a drive-by glance! Pitstop #1.



The people of this era, circa 3000 B.C. were only a few thousand years after “cavemen.” Below is a replica of their straw huts, complete with twig-mattresses and animal hide blankets.

Why they built Stonehenge is still a mystery, with the two top theories claiming it was a burial ground or a temple. More interesting though, is HOW they built it in the Neolithic era with obviously only very basic tools available… A modern theory includes ancient aliens’ assistance!




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