The Eiffel Tower by Nightfall

A Symbol of Paris

The iconic Eiffel Tower, an image synonymous with Paris itself. Although it’s a little pricey and definitely time-consuming, it’s a must-do, must-see and 100% worth it. Towering over the city at 984 feet, it’s an unbeatable 360° view.



The Eiffel Tower consists of three levels; the first elevator stops at the second tier where you have to transfer over to a separate elevator to go clear to the top. We peeked out the second tier to catch the very end of the sunset before heading up to the peak to admire the night lights.





Twinkle Time

At the top of every hour for 5 minutes, the Eiffel Tower twinkles and glitters and flickers, which we admired from afar the night before during our riverside picnic. But tonight, we experienced the impressive illumination from the top of the tower itself!

We had perfectly timed our visit to admire the Eiffel Tower in sunlight upon arriving, watch the sun set at the second level and experience the shimmering at the top. Highly recommended timeline.





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