The Bondi Icebergs Club

The Icebergs are just as gorgeous as they are iconic.


The Streets of Surry Hills

The Sydney suburb full of trendy young people.

Surry Hills, as described by the Airbnb neighborhood guide: “Cool places and cooler people comprise one of Sydney’s coolest neighborhoods.” The streets are lined with cafes, each creatively competing to be more unique than the one next door. Boutiques full of knick knacks and perfectly disarrayed decor. The nightlife consists mostly of speakeasy-themed bars or converted warehouses.


Bouddi National Park

“Bouddi” pronounced like “Booty!” Scandalous!


Along The Central Coast: Terrigal

Luckily this is our first week that we have a car, because the coast here is lined with point after point and each miniature bay/cove is another cute town, upon another cute town…

Our first day in Avoca, we drove to Terrigal (roughly 3 miles north)


Avoca Beach

Avoca Beach in 3 words: quiet, upscale, lush.


The Lucky Rookie

We rented a campervan! Driving on the wrong side of the road is as confusing as it sounds.

van selfie