City Guide

Land of the Endless Lefts

On the west coast of the North Island lies Raglan, a sleepy surf town with a old town feeling renown for it’s surf. Downtown Raglan is inland set on the harbor, with Wainui Road leading ~ 15 minutes out to Manu Bay and Whale Bay for seemingly endless point breaks. Shaun had been looking forward to coming to Raglan for a long time!


Kia Ora! Introduction to New Zealand

New Zealand! Part 1 of our adventure has ended (Australia) and we’re embarking on Part 2 in NZ – starting in Auckland. We only spent 3 days in the cosmopolitan center and we spent a fair amount of time exploring, despite the torrential weather.


Exploring Coolangatta

Coolangatta is the southernmost point of the Gold Coast, right on the border between Queensland and New South Wales. The area maintains it’s small beach town feeling despite the several high-rise complexes that line the coast. Cooly is home to a handful of scenic beaches and iconic surfbreaks – including Snapper Rocks, D-Bah, Greenmount and Kirra.


Cronulla’s Hidden Gem

Collecting seaglass might only be an American trend (??) because we were the only two people gasping at the vast amount of perfectly tumbled seaglass covering a secret beach’s coastline.