Perfect Pitstops

Adventure to Sugba Lagoon

Sugba Lagoon is a must-do while on Siargao Island! The endless crystal clear turquoise water surrounded by dozens of miles of mangrove forests is unlike anywhere we’ve ventured before. You can take a guided tour from General Luna, arrange a private driver, or you can follow our DIY-adventure for an unforgettable day-trip to Sugba Lagoon for under $10!

Exploring Tent Rocks National Monument

The Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument is a short drive away from Santa Fe, and in my opinion it’s a must-see, must-do hike! Shaun and I walked the 3-mile “Canyon Trail”, which guides you through a gorgeous slot canyon, weaving through the iconic tent-shaped rock formations, and ends at an excellent peak with views for miles away.

Big Sur: Tent Camping In December

Beautiful Central California blesses us with sporadic days of sunshine, even in the dead of winter. Back in December, I noticed an upcoming heat spell and 72 hours later, we were driving down to Big Sur for the night. Our hometown of Santa Cruz, CA is just 90 minutes drive from the world famous coastline— so of course we spontaneously planned a quick camping trip!

Lacanau-Océan Street Market

The open streets market in Lacanau-Océan every Wednesday is a one-stop-shop for everything your heart desires. Cheese, leather goods, meats, fabric, cheese, knick-knacks, cheese, new and used clothes, escargot, bread, cheese, fruits, veggies, underwear, pottery, games, candy, pastries… and cheese! The streets are packed like Tokyo, but the goodies you’ll find make it all worth it.

The Bathsheba Rock Pools

The East Coast of Barbados is worlds away from bustling Bridgetown and the tourist-centric South Coast. It’s an incredibly quiet town abounding with locals, and remains true to its roots of genuine Bajan charm. However, the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast does not mirror its Caribbean counterpart of picturesque, calm turquoise waters… The coastline in Bathsheba is rough and uninviting to swimmers, with strong surf and an intimidating reef/coral bottom. Luckily, the rocky shores create a handful of nature-made pools for the timid swimmer like myself to still take a dip! 

Snorkel Trip in Carlisle Bay, Barbados

Carlisle Bay is a mile-long white sands beach known as a snorkel haven with incredibly clear turquoise water. There’s plenty of wildlife with endless soft reefs, tropical fish, sea turtles, black urchins, and moray eels. However, the real crowd-pleaser is the handful of shipwrecks less than a mile offshore. Watch the two minute GoPro video of our experience >>