Travel Diary

The Philippines on Film

Shaun always brings a film camera along for our travels, and every time it’s always so exciting to have the photos developed and be pleasantly surprised with what was captured. This is the unedited film roll from our two weeks in the Philippines.

Taste of Siargao Island

There’s a surprising amount of restaurants to choose from on tiny Siargao Island– we were there for two weeks and still didn’t try everywhere on Tourism Road! We were also surprised by the amount of international cuisine available: Italian, Japanese, Hawaiian, Mexican, Indonesian, to name a few. Each restaurant typically had a couple Filipino dishes on the menu, but there weren’t as many traditional Filipino restaurants in the area as I would’ve expected. All that to say, Siargao is full of delicious options! Read on to hear everywhere we ate during our two week stay.

How We Scored Business Class Seats for the Price of Economy

We booked our trip to the Philippines on a whim, thanks to an amazing “mistake fare” flight deal – literally, this means the airline made a “mistake” on the price! I found this unbelievable deal thanks to Scott’s Cheap Flights, an email newsletter that simply sends out alerts on awesome international flight prices. After subscribing on the free plan for a couple years, I paid the $39 annual free for “premium” membership and it immediately paid off when I received this alert just a few weeks later: $600 round trip BUSINESS CLASS seats to Asia! This exact business class round trip ticket normally sells for $6,000.

New Mexico on Film

Shaun’s hobby of film photography is a really fun way to capture authentic moments. Since you basically get one shot per photo (unlike the dozens of identical images that I collect on my iPhone), it’s super exciting to get the photos developed and revealed. Sometimes they’re ruined by light leaks, sometimes the color is totally off, and sometimes it’s a perfect imperfect photo.

10 Days on the North Shore of Oahu

A quick collection of photos from ten days exploring the north shore of Oahu (some photos were captured on 35mm film, others from my iPhone 6s).

How to Use the Barbados Bus System

The Barbados public bus system is intimidating, confusing, and then—suddenly— awesome!