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Shopping in Denpasar


Denpasar, the capital and largest city of Bali, is a primary hub for authentic Balinese market shopping. It’s hectic, intense, chaotic but also lively, fascinating and full of color. We both found unique, handmade souvenirs for $5 – $10 and had such a fun experience that we’re considering going back for more. The toughest part was getting there with a two-hour round trip riding tandem on a motorbike.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu: Monkey Temple


Pura Luhur Uluwatu: an 11th century Balinese sea temple built atop stunning 230 feet sheer cliffs over the Indian Ocean, on the southernmost edge of the Bukit peninsula. Beyond it’s incredible architecture, the Uluwatu Temple has also gained popularity with tourists because it’s occupied with an amazing amounts of grey monkeys- super, super cute but with a naughty side!

One Week of Luxury


We decided to treat ourselves to a resort lifestyle in Bali after living in a camper van for a month in NZ. We spent one week at the Komune Resort and Beach Club, which boasts two pools, two restaurants, full bar, spa, hair and nail salon, air-con gym and yoga classes. Everything you can dream of for a week of luxury. Also, Komune hosted the surf contest at Keramas that Shaun competed it, so it was super comfortable and convenient to stay on-site for early morning heats.

A Slice of Heaven


Bali is unreal! After only one night, we were already researching how to extend our visa. It’s that good! Our first stop is Keramas in East Bali- a quiet, local area with black sand beaches, world-class waves and an abundance of rice paddies.

The Catlin’s Coast


The deepest south we explored in New Zealand… only 2,600 miles from Antartica! The rugged Catlin’s Coast is genuinely an eyeful with the turquoise ocean lined with whitewater, sharp cliffs, and scattered islands. It’s worth the windy gravel roads to explore.

The Month Long Road Trip


32 days and 3,000 miles later, we returned our camper van! I’m sort of in disbelief that I just lived an entire month in a vehicle. I had doubted my own stamina to endure such a long time living in a van, feeling confident we would have had to get an Airbnb or at least a motel room a few times to break up the month… Nope! I have survived the month long road trip, loyal to the camper van.